Shipping charges

Delivery and Shipping Charges

Inside Karachi

Weight Cash on Delivery & Advance Payment
1 kg Rs.250
2 kg Rs.250
3 kg Rs.250
4 kg Rs.250
5 kg Rs.250
6 kg Rs.250
7 kg Rs.250
8 kg Rs.250
9 kg Rs.250
10 kg Rs.250
11 kg Rs.300
12 kg Rs.300
13 kg Rs.300
14 kg Rs.300
15 kg Rs.300
16 kg Rs.300
17 kg Rs.300
18 kg Rs.300
19 kg Rs.300
20 kg + Rs.500

Outside Karachi

Weight Advance Payment
1 kg Rs.350
2 kg Rs.400
3 kg Rs.450
4 kg Rs.500
5 kg Rs.500
6 kg Rs.550
7 kg Rs.600
8 kg Rs.650
9 kg Rs.700
10 kg Rs.800
11 kg Rs.900
12 kg Rs.1000
13 kg Rs.1100
14 kg Rs.1200
15 kg Rs.1300
16 kg Rs.1400
17 kg Rs.1500
18 kg Rs.1600
19 kg Rs.1700
20 kg Rs.1800
Key Features
  • We deliver order through Pakistan’s best courier services M&P BlueEx and TCS.
  • Karachi to Karachi (Shipping and Delivery on same day).
  • Karachi to Other Cities (Shipping same day, deliver to destination on next working day).
  • Karachi may get FREE DELIVERY (Depends on Products / Order Above 25K)
Terms and Conditions
  • Same day shipping applicable on order before 3:00pm (working day).
  • Order above 20 kg may cost extra shipping charges, which we will let you know.
Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery won’t be possible for Outside-Karachi customer because in recent past we got so many fake orders. Somehow, we collect payment in Advance to avoid fake order. Once you place the order kindly contact us then we will let you know the further processdings. Your order will be deliver on same day to you through TCS or M&P courier service and you will get it on next working day. Your order will not be shipped until the funds have cleared..