Picture in Picture
It carries an option to browse multiple channels while operating PC

Stable Reception
For stable reception use TV tuner with frequency phase lock (PLL)

Noise reduction
3-D image noise reduction

Alarm Set
Auto power on/off by alarm within 24 hours

Channel Lock
User can place password and lock unwanted channels

Full HD 1000p allow user to enjoy most detailed pictures anytime

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DANY HDTV-550 LED TV Device is a product of DANY well-known engineer and developer of quality making TV products, The Television fans now can experience new edition HDTV on the LCD &LED Screens to enjoy most detailed pictures ever. This LCD &LED HDTV-550 is dual powered and compatible with both LCD and LED screens.

This high quality engineered product yields maximum resolution support means high resolution up to 800 x 600 (normal) and 1920 x 1200(widescreen) output which feasts your eyes with extra- ordinary picture quality. It also fully compatible with both CRT and LCD Monitor, supports both normal( 4:3) & widescreen(16:9) screens select the mode which best support your monitor, Picture in Picture mode allows you to browse multiple channels while operating PC, for stable reception use TV tuner with frequency phase lock(PLL),Channel number ordering function allows user to change the sequence of channels as user prefer, Broadband PC/TV switch,3-D image noise reduction, calendar/calculator/game functions & auto power on/off by alarm within 24 hours, Video input can be used to connect external equipment such as Full-functional IR remote control, channel lock feature allow user to add password and lock unwanted channels. This remarkable DANY TV device comes under one year warranty.


About  DANY:

Dany is one of the most iconic business divisions of Dany Technologies which is providing superior products for music lovers from over a decade. Dany is a well-known brand in the Consumer Electronic industry globally since 2003. From its establishment, DANY HDTV-550 LED TV Device has proven commitment towards quality and reliability that turned out capturing a major share in the market. Our agenda is to provide high quality and significant products and services to our customers.

Our visualization here at Dany is to be an excellent global electronics company, be a leader to initiating and establishing world electronics benchmarks with unique featured products. DANY HDTV-550 LED TV Device proudly contributes and enrich Tablet & Mobile industry of the country through active participation and completely customer focused team work.

We are committed to develop and accelerate lifestyle for our world with technology and innovative expertise that allow us to deliver high quality electronics products with superior level of customer services; we ensure our dedication towards continues process of improvement to fulfill customers and stakeholders expectations till ultimate satisfaction.

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