Gaming XBox type Joypad


  • USB Interface
  • Analog & digital Mode
  • Compatible with Windows 9X,ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Dual Vibration Motors
  • Ergonomic Comfortable handgrip design

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This Gaming Xpod type Joypad is good for PC and Console gamers alike use gamepads for playing most games while in some cases like MMORPGs, a mouse becomes indispensable. However, for most other genres gamepads (game controllers) are the goto peripheral. Now, most would argue that buying a high-end, or a tad expensive, gamepad would be the right sort of investment, and yes we would agree that throwing money at your gaming gear is never a bad idea. But then there are those, like ourselves, who don’t care about the highest end gaming hardware and just want to game on a budget. This post is for you.

From the downright ugly and you-gotta-be-kiddin-me to Nicely crafted and “serious”, we found a plethora of low-cost chinese gamepads in the markets. After using various chinese gamepads (and destroying most of them within weeks), we reached a conclusion.

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