Gigabyte GT 740 – 2 GB 128 Bit DDR3 Directx12

 7,000  6,000

  • Memory Size 2048 MB
  • Memory Bus 128 bit
  • Graphics Processing GeForce® GT 730
  • Core Clock 1072 MHz
  • Process Technology 28 nm
  • Memory Clock 5.4 GHz
  • Memory Type DDR3
  • Card Bus PCI-E 3.0
  • Digital max resolution 4096 x 2160
  • Analog max resolution 2048 x 1536
  • Multi-view 3
  • Card size H=32 L=172 W=111 mm
  • PCB Form ATX
  • DirectX 12
  • OpenGL 4.4
  • Recommended PSU 300W
  • I/O Dual-link DVI-I*1 / HDMI*1 / D-Sub*1

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Step up to the Gigabyte GT 740 – 2 GB 128 Bit DDR3 Directx12 and take your gaming to the next level of graphics and power efficiency. Based on the industry-leading 28nm Kepler architecture, the GeForce GT 740 packs powerful NVIDIA SMX shaders and abundant amounts of memory that deliver a performance punch in all the latest 3D games and applications. An array of NVIDIA innovations, such as NVIDIA Surround, NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync and the new TXAA Anti-aliasing Mode offers more than one way to elevate your gaming experience, bringing your user experience for work and play to a new level like never before.

This Gigabyte card is factory-overclocked to 1072MHz Core Clock (993MHz for reference design) for smoother gameplay, while the custom 10 cm cooler efficiently removes the heat for reliable performance. It also features an array of exclusive designs such as Ultra Durable 2, gold plated HDMI, and OC GURU ll  for optimized gaming experience.

  • neweggULTRA DURABLE 2Using high quality components on graphics cards is the key factor for having a long lasting, stable and reliable product. GIGABYTE is again setting a new standard by using Ferrite Core Chokes, Low RDS (on) MOSFET and Lower ESR Solid Capacitors, providing the stability and reliability from their high-end graphics solution. In addition, GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 2 Edition graphics cards now feature a sophisticated layout topology. This state-of-the-art power design from GIGABYTE delivers the ideal integration of thermal, electric characteristics, digital signals, power circuitry and optimum placement of components for enhanced graphics performance.
  • neweggGIGABYTE CUSTOM-DESIGNED 10 CM COOLERAs opposed to the stereotype, GIGABYTE is able to maximize fan size to 10cm with the latest cooling design. With a 10cm fan, the card is virtually silent that its noise level runs much lower.
  • neweggOC GURU LLBrand-new instinctive user interface makes it easier to monitor and adjust all important settings. Users can set up MONITORING, GPU CLOCK, MEMORY CLOCK,FAN, OSD, ONLINE SUPPORT and update driver, BIOS directly.
  • neweggGOLD PLATED HDMIGold plated, durable large contact area connectors have been used for optimum signal transfer between connections.
  • neweggNVIDIA ADAPTIVE VERTICAL SYNCNothing is more distracting than framerate stuttering and screen tearing. The first tends to occur when framerates are low, the second when framerates are high. Adaptive V-Sync is a smarter way to render frames. At high framerates, V-sync is enabled to eliminate tearing, at low frame rates, it’s disabled to minimize stuttering. It gets rid of distractions so you can get on with gaming.
  • neweggNVIDIA SURROUND WITH UP TO FOUR MONITORSNothing is as breathtaking as playing your favorite games across three monitors. At 5760 x 1080, the expanded field of view fully engages human peripheral vision and provides for the most immersive experience in racing and flight simulators. Add in a fourth display to keep tabs on chat, email or web while you are gaming.

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