HK3800 Wireless Keyboard Mouse


> 2.4G wireless optics keyboard and mouse
> Decent and modern design
> No need to install
> Keyboard and mouse auto sleep mode
> Wireless receiving range up to 10 meters
> Compatible with laptops/desktops/intelligent televisions

> All of the keys lifespan up to 1,500,000 times
> 8 multimedia key combination, simple and convenient
> Ergonomically designed, comfort grip
> Micro nano-receiver
> 800/1200/1600 DPI

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  • HK3800 Wireless Keyboard Mouse is a product of HK. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, HK® now is recognized as a global leader under own-brand in the computer peripheral field, and successfully establishes distribution channels in worldwide market. With an excellent R&D team, independent core techniques, HK® continues to research and develop cutting-edge products for consumer market as the discipline that it turns yesterday’s fiction into today’s reality. The principal lies within computer peripheral are the inception of bringing forth new ideas of innovation in technology.
    Owning many patents, HK® has the ability to create like no others, providing first of many innovations. Such as No-lag, Channel-lock, Double-click, 16 Gestures, 4-Way wheel, V-Track, Optical Switch, and today’s Light Strike Switch.

HK3800 Wireless Keyboard Mouse

About Wireless HK:

HK3800 Wireless Keyboard Mouse With increased factory space and advanced management system, the manufacturing capacity has been further expanded to fulfill the market’s requirements for “build to order”. HK’s manufacturing system is ISO-9001 TUV certified. In order to meet international standards, we established a perfect quality and quantity management system.

In 2011, HK launched it’s secondary PC gaming brand with a focus on innovation – Bloody Gaming. Initial products focused around integration of optical switches into gaming peripherals – specifically keyboards and gaming mice.

Bloody leverages HK’s manufacturing strength and “bleeding-edge” technology – Light Strike optical switches (keyboard/mouse), Ultra-Core Software, and M.o.C.I carbon fiber sound drivers.

Bloody continues to push into the gaming culture with a unifying message for the emerging eSports culture and gamer lifestyle: Bound by Gaming. Bound by Innovation.

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