HP EliteBook 8460p Core i5 – 2nd Generation

 17,000  15,500

  • Core i5 – 2nd Generation Processor
  • 250 GB Harddisk
  • 4 GB DDR3 Ram
  • 14″ HD 1366×768 LED Display
  • DVD-Writer, Cam, WiFi, Lan
  • Intel HD 3000
  • 2 hours battery backup

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HP Elitebook 8460p Video Review

HP Elitebook 8460p SPECIFICATION & review:

The EliteBook is for HP what the ThinkPad T-series is for Lenovo.  Above and beyond “Essentials” and “ProBooks”, we find the premium segment of business laptops with the highest-quality craftsmanship and newest technology.  And as far as the technical specs go, the HP EliteBook 8460p here is quite appealing with its Core i7-2620M CPU and on-board HD 6470M graphics card as well as its high-resolution display (14″1600×900).

But is the EliteBook quite as pristine in its performance as its sleek matte aluminum finish makes it out to be?  Not quite.  A few shortcomings keep this premium-grade business laptop from achieving a rating of “Very Good”.

While consumer notebooks tend to follow the trend of becoming as light and thin as possible, HP takes a different approach and reinforces the EliteBook with more material for the sake of sturdiness. The 14″ laptop weighs in at a heavy 2.442 Kg. At its tallest point, the height measures 3.2 cm.  Its predecessor, the 8440p, was a tad light at 2.363 Kg.

The base unit is stiff as a board.  Unless you can tear a phonebook in half, you won’t be able to bend the base unit at all.  We didn’t manage to dent in the palm rest or base plate either.  A unique impressive point is just how firm the display lid is.  We barely managed to bend it at all, and even then only at the corners.  Even when poked and prodded hard, the display lid doesn’t dent, even for a second.

This incredible level of sturdiness can be attributed to the materials HP chose to use in making the 8460p.  The display lid as well as the top and edges of the base unit (where the ports are located) are made of brushed aluminum.  The surface feels cool to the touch and is scratch-resistant.  The display hinges are made of real metal.  The hinges cling tightly to the base unit and pushing on them doesn’t make them move the slightest bit.  They hold the display lid tightly in place.  Thanks to the base unit’s heavy weight, you can open up the laptop with just one hand.

The wide silver button to unhook the display lid at the front lets the display lid pop up a bit. The resulting crack between the display lid and the base unit is large enough to tilt the display lid up with just your thumb.

Instead of struggling with two spring-loaded switches at once to get the battery out, it falls out practically on its own after pulling on just one switch.  The base plate can be removed without touching a single screw.  Just give the second switch next to the battery a good pull to the right and the base plate comes loose. If you’re worried about the base plate coming off too easily, there are screws included with the laptop you can use to lock it in place.

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