HP Pavilion Elite E9237c


Package include:
  • Tower Machine
  • Memory Type: DDR3
  • Ram slots: 4
  • DVD-Writer (included)
  • For Processor, Harddisk & Ram (Use available Options given below)

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I’m a Dell man ussually, but when I saw all that was included in this HP Pavilion Elite E9237c, DVD/RW, Blu-ray, quad core, 8GB DDR3, 1TB HD, 1GB graphics card, wireless mouse & keyboard; it don’t get much better. We’re talking about a $1500 machine if custom ordered. I got mine just as the supply ran out. It came minus the wireless keyboard (a wired one was substituted).

The vendor deferred to HP, who, once they verified the serial number, shipped a new wireless keyboard. It’s good it has 7 USB ports, because everything these days are USB; printer, mouse, keyboard, speakers, camera etc. Setup was a breeze, and Win 7 is really nice, much better than Vista. The quad core is sweet! Everything is faster, and the 8GB DDR3 helps. Gamers will like the 1GB graphics card. We ran Fallout 3 at the highest graphics setting. Some people complain the DVD drive buttons are a problem. On the contrary I find them much more convenient than those on the old drives. Internet hookup was the easiest I’ve ever done. It popped up during instalation, I selected the signal source and it connected. The mouse was a small problem. Syncing with the USB receiver took some patience. I read the keyboard needs “line of sight” to work consistantly, so I may stick with the wired one. I had a driver issue with my Epson all-in-one, but a check with Epson provided an upgraded driver that worked great. No problem with software other than one McAfee cleaner utility. You can download a free XP mode utility from PC World too. I bought a 1 year warranty from Square Trade, only because my experience with HP in the past has been the hardware craps out after awhile. Time will tell if they are better now!

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